Atefeh Saved Me; I Am Atefeh 21 !

On the early mourn of June 13th , as I tried to rise from bed after a sleepless night and face the bleak prospect of a day which would make it clear that our votes in the Iranian Presidential election had not been counted, all within me was wrought with pain and humiliation. The weeks before, I had suddenly learned to hope and feel that constructive change was possible. People power had promised to ensure that real reform would be attempted. Now all hope seemed futile.
As I searched for some shimmer of hope amidst this sea of darkness, what saved me was the
certainty that Atefeh was out there. That she too felt my pain and despair. That she would not - could not - keep quiet. What saved me was knowing that there were millions like and with Atefeh in Iran.
On June 15th , Atefeh and at least 3 million others proved me right. They took to the streets of Tehran to ask for their votes to be counted. They took part in a silent, peaceful protest which was intended to show their determination and the fact that even in a state willing to use many forms of terror, so many believed in such a cause that they were willing to risk their lives for it.
Today some are dead, others yet are on the run and too many are locked up in jails. Atefeh Nabavi is one of those jailed. Her “crime” is participation in a peaceful protest on June 15th. For this “crime”, that I would so willingly have shared in had I been in Iran, she has been sentenced to 4 years in prison.
And I who relished in the chants of that day of “be not afraid, be not afraid, we are all together” can not let Atefeh alone; for I am Atefeh! I shared her humiliation, I share her hopes and I will share her burden.
Shiva Nojo,

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"I would so willingly have shared in had I been in Iran"...
شما نفست از جای گرم بلند می‌شه.
If you really cared you would get up and go to Iran. It is so selfish of you Iranians abroad to expect people to go in the streets and get killed. It's so easy for you to say that you understand what it means to put your lives in danger. You are not Atefeh.