I am Atefeh-37

"I'm Italian, I'm a young woman like Atefeh. I am almost the same age than Atefef and I want to shout that I 'm like Atefeh Nabavi. She's 27 years old and she'd been sentenced to 4 years of jail for the "crime" to be in the street on 15th June and to gave partecipate in a peacefully demonstration. I would have been together with her and with the millions of Iranian people who have protested on that day, if I had been in Iran. I would have stood by her and by all young guys, students who were in the streets of Tehran on 15th June, so you have would to arrest me too! It's a shame for the Islamic Republic to persecute in this way its young sons and daughters. I'm Atefeh Nabavi too, I'm in jail with her, I will feel free when she'll be free."
Cristina Annunziata
Naples, Italy

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